Tailwind for Pinterest: How to Get Started on the Best Pinterest Scheduler

Say goodbye to manual pinning! Tailwind lets you Pin images all day, even when you’re offline. So if you’re trying to promote a blog or business, Tailwind for Pinterest can definitely help with your pinning strategy while saving time.

In this blog, you will learn how to:

  • Set up your free Tailwind account
  • Schedule pins using Tailwind App
  • Schedule pins on-the-go with your favorite mobile (iOS and Android)
Tailwind for Pinterest: Step-by-step instructions to get started with the best Pinterest Scheduler | #tailwind #blogging #business #entrepreneur

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What is Tailwind?

Tailwind is a Pinterest scheduler that lets you save pins ahead of time. You can have hundreds of pins saved on your queue (and still have hundreds more saved as drafts!). You can also set Tailwind to automatically pin from select Boards, so you don’t have to worry about pinning everyday.

Once scheduled, the tool pins images on your Pinterest based on the set times and dates. You can customize when they’ll be posted, or simply let Tailwind do the magic. Tailwind App can analyze your Pinterest and generate a Smart Schedule, which includes the best times to pin.

Why you need Tailwind for Pinterest Strategy

Pinterest plays a different game compared to other social media platforms. And if you want to play it right, you have to pin more frequently and consistently.

Unfortunately, manual pinning takes time. It used to take me an hour to save 50 pins a day, which is the maximum recommended. In a week, that’s 5 wasted on Pinterest strategy – 7 hours if we include weekends. Tailwind takes this time off your hands, and so much more.

Other benefits of Tailwind include…

  • Post pins on the best times
  • Increase your engagement
  • Maximize your daily reach

These are just some of the things you can get out of Tailwind. I’ll talk more about its benefits and how it can effectively boost your Pinterest strategy as we go along.


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How do I get started with Tailwind?

Signing up for Tailwind is super easy. You need three things:

  1. Computer
  2. Pinterest account
  3. Google Chrome browser

It’s possible to use Tailwind on any iOS or Android device. Since you’re still getting started, I recommend going through the initial steps on a laptop or computer with a Google Chrome browser. Later, I’ll explain why Google Chrome works best with Tailwind for Pinterest.

Do I need to pay for Tailwind before signup?

Not at all. When you sync Pinterest with Tailwind for the first time, it starts out as a free Pinterest scheduler. That’s right! There’s a FREE Tailwind trial for everyone.

You can schedule up to 100 pins on Pinterest with your free Tailwind trial. And the best part? It’s not a time-limited offer. Whether it takes you days or months, it doesn’t matter. Tailwind will stay completely free until you consume all 100 pins.

Before we get started with Tailwind, let’s set you up for Pinterest.

Sign up for Pinterest

If you already have Pinterest, you can skip this part and go to the next section: Link Your Pinterest to Tailwind. But if you don’t have one yet, here’s a quick guide to creating a Pinterest account.

Step 1: Go to https://www.pinterest.com

Step 2: Create a new account by entering your email address and password. After you’ve filled out the details, click “Continue”.

Tailwind For Pinterest

Alternatively, you can sign up for Pinterest by logging in with your Facebook or Google Account. Just click “Continue with Facebook” or “Continue with Google”.

Step 3: Fill out your profile information. Provide your Full Name and Age, and select your Gender. You can change your username later if you want it to be more unique.

Step 4: Finish setting up your Pinterest. Select 5 topics to populate your Smart Feed with related images.

Step 5: On Pinterest, go to “Boards” and select “Create New Board”. You DO NOT want to miss this step. You’ll thank me later for it.

Tailwind For Pinterest

Step 6: Type in the name you would like to assign to your board – and remember it. For this tutorial, I used “Demo Board”. When you’re done, click “Create”.

Tailwind For Pinterest

Step 7: Confirm your email address. If you signed up with an email, Pinterest will send you a confirmation email. Make sure to check your inbox and click on the confirmation link.

Link your Pinterest to Tailwind

Now that you have Pinterest, you can sign up for a free Tailwind trial!

Step 1: Go to https://www.tailwindapp.com and click “Signup with Pinterest”.

Tailwind For Pinterest

Step 2: When the popup screen appears, click “Authorize App”. This grants Tailwind the permission to access your Pinterest.

Tailwind For Pinterest

Step 3: You will then be taken to Tailwind for Pinterest and asked to complete your account information. Provide your email address and password. You can use a different password for your Pinterest and Tailwind.

Tailwind For Pinterest

Step 4: Once you finish with the Tailwind sign up, a load screen will appear and you will be taken to your Tailwind App Dashboard.

Tailwind For Pinterest

Set up your Tailwind for Pinterest Scheduling

In the following steps, I will walk you through the Tailwind tutorial for scheduling pins. Then I’ll teach you how to use Tailwind App as a Pinterest scheduler.

Step 1: The first time you use Tailwind for Pinterest, this popup screen will appear. Click “Install Chrome Extension”. This handy extension will make it easy to schedule pins. It isn’t available on other browsers, which is why you need to have Google Chrome.

Tailwind For Pinterest

Step 2: When Google Chrome asks for permission to Add Tailwind Publisher, click “Add Extension”.

Tailwind For Pinterest

Once installed, you will receive a notification that it has been added to your Chrome.

Note: The Tailwind App will now take you through a mini-tutorial on How to Schedule Pins using Tailwind Publisher – that’s the name of the Chrome extension. At this point, a Demo Pin will appear on your screen.

Step 3: The first thing you need to do is select a Board for your Demo Pin. Remember when I asked you to create a Pinterest Board? Select the Board you created. In my example, I used “Demo Board”.

Tailwind For Pinterest

This is the Pinterest Board where the pin will be posted. And yes, you can assign a pin to more than one board!

Step 4: Next, place the Pin Description.

Tailwind For Pinterest

Step 5: Update the Pin URL. For this Demo Pin, Tailwind App assigned a link to their website and I left it at that. You can assign any link to your pin as long as it meets the following standards:

  • The URL is related to your Pin Image and Pin Description.
  • It doesn’t contain spam or suspicious content

Tailwind For Pinterest

Step 6: Time to schedule your pin! At the bottom of your Demo Pin, click on the small clock icon on the left.

Tailwind For Pinterest

Step 7: When the calendar appears, set the date and time you would like the pin to be posted

Tailwind For Pinterest

Step 8: After setting the time and date, click “Schedule” at the bottom of your Demo Pin.

Tailwind For Pinterest

Once you hit “Schedule” the pin will be added to Your Schedule. It’s located on the right edge of the page.

Tailwind For Pinterest

Get to Know Your Tailwind App Dashboard

Being able to schedule and post pins on Pinterest (even when you’re not logged in) is probably the best feature of Tailwind App. Before anything else, allow me walk you through the scheduling features of Tailwind for Pinterest.

Scheduled Pins

This is where your scheduled pins go. It’s split into two views: the Feed (located in the middle) and Calendar View (on the right).

Tailwind For Pinterest

From the Feed, you can…

  • Delete a pin
  • Assign it to a new board
  • Change the Pin Description and URL
  • Adjust the time and date
  • Return a pin to Drafts

The Calendar View makes it a whole lot easier to switch pins around and assign them to a new time slot. All you have to do is drag-and-drop images, or click the Shuffle button on the top-right.


Tailwind also lets you save pins as Drafts. From here, you can add pins individually to your Schedule by clicking “Add to Queue” for each pin. Or you can schedule them in batches by clicking “Schedule All Drafts” on the bottom of the page.

Tailwind For Pinterest

How do I use Tailwind for Pinterest Scheduling?

Now that you have a basic understanding of the Pinterest scheduler, I can finally teach you techniques for scheduling pins using Tailwind!

Automate your pinning with Smart Schedule

The Smart Schedule is a unique feature of the Tailwind App. It analyzes your Pinterest for times when you had the highest engagement, and suggests them as the best times to post your pins. Below, you’ll learn how Tailwind can automate your pinning with Smart Schedule.

Generate a Smart Schedule

Step 1: Go to Your Schedule on the Tailwind App Dashboard and click “Generate New Smart Schedule”.

Tailwind For Pinterest

Step 2: Next, choose the number of times you would like to post. I always max out to 50 posts a day, which is the maximum daily recommended. But if you still have a free Tailwind Trial, you may want to adjust it to anywhere between 3-5 times a day, just so you can try it out.

When you’re ready, click “Generate New Schedule”.

Tailwind For Pinterest

Step 3: Congratulations, you now have your very own Smart Schedule! Here is an example of what it should look like.

Tailwind For Pinterest

As you can see, there are now 50 time slots assigned to each day of the week.

What do these time slots mean?

Whenever you schedule pins, they get assigned to time slots. The time slots represent times when the pins are posted on your Pinterest.

What I’ve learned: When you generate a Smart Schedule, there might be days with more or less time slots than you wanted. It all depends on how audiences engage with your Pinterest. In my case, I usually get most the engagement on Saturdays and Sundays, so my Smart Schedule populates those days with up to 60 pins even though I’ve set it to only 50 pins a day. It’s up to you if you want to stick to the recommended time slots, or adjust them to your liking.

Customize your pinning schedule

You don’t always have to stick to your Smart Schedule. Tailwind for Pinterest is flexible enough to let you customize your pinning schedule.

Recommended vs Custom Time Slots

On your Smart Schedule, you will see time slots highlighted in green and white.

  • Green time slots are generated by your Smart Schedule
  • White time slots are additional recommended times

Both are considered “smart” times to post on Pinterest.

Tailwind For Pinterest

Option 1: You can add suggested times by clicking on them.

Tailwind For Pinterest

Option 2: Alternatively, you can click “+ Add Time Slot” on the upper right hand corner to add a custom time slot. When the popup appears, drag the bar to your preferred time, then click the “Add Time Slot” button underneath it.

Tailwind For Pinterest

Set your Timezone

You can further customize your pinning schedule by setting your preferred timezone. You can find it on the bottom right corner of Your Schedule.

Tailwind For Pinterest

Pins will be posted based on the timezone you selected. So if you scheduled a pin for 2:35 PM and your timezone is GMT -04:00, it will be posted at 2:35 PM GMT-4. To get better engagement, set the timezone based on your target audience.

When you sign up for a free trial, Tailwind for Pinterest will give you a checklist of things to do so you can master your Pinterest Scheduling Strategy.

Tailwind For Pinterest

Schedule Pins using Tailwind Publisher for Chrome

Tailwind Publisher is a Chrome extension that comes with your free Tailwind trial. It’s also the reason why I recommend Google Chrome

The tool makes it so much easier to schedule pins. You can schedule straight from Pinterest, or any shareable photo on the internet. The Pinterest scheduler works on practically on anything.

To recap, here are things you’ll need before you can start using it:

How to Use Tailwind Publisher for Chrome

Tailwind Publisher gives you two ways to schedule pins.

Option 1: Hover your mouse over a shareable image, then click on the Tailwind button that appears on the photo.

Here’s how it would look like from Google Images.

Tailwind For Pinterest

And here’s what it would look like on Pinterest.

Tailwind For Pinterest

Let’s say you’re reading a blog and want to go back later. You can use Tailwind Publisher as a bookmark and save the blog image along with the article title and source URL.

Tailwind For Pinterest

Option 2: Tailwind for Pinterest gives you the freedom to schedule pins in bulk.

First, go to a web page with plenty of images. For this tutorial, I’m using Pinterest as an example. Next, click on the Tailwind icon on the top right of your browser.

Tailwind For Pinterest

A new page will appear on top of the web page you’re currently viewing. It will ask you to “Select Pins to Schedule”. Choose as many pins as you would like. Selected pins will be highlighted in blue and appear on the bottom-left corner of the page. When you’re done, you can start scheduling your pins by clicking “Go Schedule!” on the bottom right.

Alternatively, you can click “Cancel” on the top right corner of the page.

Tailwind For Pinterest

If you proceed to schedule pins, a new popup page will appear. From here, you can adjust pin details.

  • Add Board(s) where you like pins to go to
  • Edit the Pin Description
  • Change the URL

To perform bulk actions on this popup page, select “Schedule Now” to automatically schedule them for posting. You can also click “Save for Later” to save pins as drafts and add them to your schedule at a later time.

Tailwind For Pinterest

Maybe you’ve changed your mind and only want to add some pins into your drafts or schedule. You can delete a pin by clicking on the Trash icon, or schedule it by clicking the “Add to Queue Now” button.

Tailwind For Pinterest

Create new pins

You can use Tailwind for Pinterest to schedule new pins. Just go to your Tailwind App Dashboard at http://www.tailwindapp.com and select any page (i.e. Drafts, Scheduled Pins, Your Schedule).

Tailwind For Pinterest

Somewhere on the top right corner, you will see a button for “+ Create New Pin”. Like this one.

Tailwind For Pinterest

Click on “+ Create New Pin” and select “Upload Images”. Then, select the pin that you would like Tailwind for Pinterest to schedule. You should see this screen during upload.

Tailwind For Pinterest

Once it uploads, you will then be taken to your Drafts where you can edit the pin details.

Schedule pins with Tailwind for iOS

If you barely have time for a sit-down with your laptop, or simply prefer doing tasks from your phone, there’s Tailwind for iOS. The mobile app is available for download on iTunes, and is perfectly compatible with iPhone and iPad.

Tailwind for iOS is a free app. And you can definitely start using it with your free Tailwind trial. I’ll teach you how to use Tailwind App on in while. For the meantime, here are its key features:

  • Schedule pins from Pinterest or any website on Safari
  • Edit pin details and schedule drafts
  • Change the order of scheduled pins
  • Discover trending images

Set up Tailwind for iOS

Step 1: First, you need to download Tailwind for iOS. Make sure that your iPhone or iPad is running iOS 8 or a later version.

Tailwind For Pinterest For IOS

Step 2: Next, launch the app. Tap on “Start by Logging In” and provide your log-in details.

Tailwind For Pinterest For IOS

Step 3: After you successfully log in, Tailwind for Pinterest will walk you through the basic features of their iOS app.

Tailwind For Pinterest For IOS

Step 4: When you reach this screen, tap on “See How” to set up Tailwind for Pinterest on your device.

Tailwind For Pinterest For IOS

Step 5: This will launch Safari, and will take you through a quick online tutorial. You need an active internet connection to access the tutorial and schedule pins. Follow the steps so you can start scheduling pins on your iPhone or iPad.

Tailwind For Pinterest For iOS

Step 6: When you complete the step-by-step tutorial, do a test run to see if you’ve followed through. Tap on the ‘Share’ button on your Safari. It should look like the photo below.

I re-ordered buttons so Tailwind appears first on my Share list.

Tailwind For Pinterest For iOS

Now that your device is Tailwind-ready, let’s get pinning on your iPhone!

How to Schedule Pins for Tailwind on Safari

Say you find a blog with an interesting photo, and you want to pin it.

Tailwind For Pinterest For Safari

On Safari, click the ‘Share’ button at the bottom of the screen and select the Tailwind logo.

Tailwind For Pinterest For Safari

Performing this action will load all shareable photos from the web page you are viewing. Select the photos you would like Tailwind to schedule or save.

A blue check mark will show up on selected photos.

Tailwind For Pinterest For Safari

Once you’ve selected a photo, you can choose to “Save to Drafts” or click “Next” for more options.

Option 1: Click “Save to Drafts” to quickly save an image without editing its details. You will receive this notification as soon as it’s saved.

Tailwind For Pinterest

Images that are saved as drafts will also be marked as “Drafted” as seen below.

Tailwind For Pinterest

Option 2: Click “Next” to select a board where you’d like to pin an image to. You can select multiple boards!

Tailwind For Pinterest

From here, you can choose to “Schedule” a pin or “Save to Drafts”. The only difference is, you would have already assigned pins to boards.

Tailwind For Pinterest

Tailwind For Pinterest

How to Schedule Pins from the Pinterest Mobile App

Pinterest is of course the best place to find pinnable images.

While on Safari, go to www.pinterest.com and use the search box to find content.

Tailwind For Pinterest

Alternatively, you can go to your Pinterest profile (or your favorite pinner!) to find images you can pin. When you’ve found a board or profile with images you’d like to share, tap on the ‘Share’ button at the bottom of your Safari browser.

Tailwind For Pinterest

How to Use Tailwind for iOS

Tailwind for iOS is pretty straightforward. The mobile app has 3 tabs:

  • Drafts
  • Calendar
  • Discover

You should find them at the bottom of the app screen.

Tailwind For Pinterest


This section contains pins you saved as drafts.

Tailwind For Pinterest

Tap-and-hold on a drafted pin to reveal more options. You can “Schedule” or “Delete” a pin from your Drafts.

Tailwind For Pinterest

Tailwind For Pinterest

Whenever you choose to delete a pin, you’ll get this notification. It can come in handy if you accidentally clicked the “Delete” option.

Tailwind For Pinterest

From your Drafts, you can also tap on a pin to edit it. As you can see, you can edit the pin description, source URL, and boards.

Tailwind For Pinterest


This section contains your scheduled pins in calendar view. Here, you can reorder pins by dragging and dropping them to different time slots.

Tailwind For Pinterest


This is where you can discover great content to pin! Use the search bar to discover popular images to pin.

Tailwind For Pinterest

How much does Tailwind cost?

Tailwind Free Trial

Tailwind for Pinterest doesn’t cost anything if you start with a free trial.

  • Schedule and publish 100 pins
  • Join 5 tribes for free
  • Submit up to 30 pins on Tailwind Tribes

Tailwind Pricing Plans

Once you use up your free trial, Tailwind for Pinterest offers several plans to choose from.

Tailwind Plus

  • For bloggers and small businesses
  • Affordable plans
  • Prices start at $9.99/month (billed annually) or $15/month (billed monthly)

Tailwind Professional and Tailwind Enterprise

  • Both plans are suitable for large companies and enterprises
  • Prices start at $799/month (billed annually)


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Powering Your Pinterest Strategy with Tailwind

Tailwind is by far the most powerful tool for your Pinterest strategy. More than a Pinterest scheduler, Tailwind App ensures that your pins get posted on the best times and best days of the week! This can make such a huge difference when you need exposure for your blog or business.

Read how I increased my Pinterest followers using manual pinning vs the Tailwind App in my article, The Pinterest Growth Hack That Increased My Pinterest Followers By 87%.

So why not try it out yourself? Sign up for your free Tailwind trial today so you can level up your Pinterest strategy.

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Tailwind for Pinterest: Step-by-step instructions to get started with the best Pinterest Scheduler | #tailwind #blogging #business #entrepreneur
Tailwind for Pinterest: Step-by-step instructions to get started with the best Pinterest Scheduler | #tailwind #blogging #business #entrepreneur
Tailwind for Pinterest: Step-by-step instructions to get started with the best Pinterest Scheduler | #tailwind #blogging #business #entrepreneur

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