How to Choose From the Best Blog Niches That Make Money (Updated for 2019)

In the world of blog niches, it can be hard to know which ones can make money and which ones can’t. There are so many potential niches you can blog about.  It can be hard to choose.

And there is also the additional concern about a blog making money.  Blogging can take a lot of time and effort to be successful.  So, unless you are blogging as a hobby, you will need to pick your niche carefully.

However, the truth is that there are very few niches that don’t have some potential for making money.  Some just have more potential than others.

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How do I find my blog niche?

What is a niche topic?

According to the Merriam-Webster dictionary, niche (“pronounced \NEESH\ (rhymes with sheesh) and \NICH\ (rhymes with pitch)”), is “a specialized market.” Google goes further and says a niche is a “specialized segment of the market for a particular kind of product or service.”

In regards to blogging, a niche is typically a specialized topic on a subject. So, for example, if you are a travel blogger, you might pick a sub-topic idea related to travel like Hawaii, or travel tips, or RV travel.

But even these topics may be too big for one blog. Some problems with focusing on a sub-topic include:

  1. it is hard to stay focused on a broad topic.
  2. competition can be stiff with lots of other blogs on the same topic

So, when picking from blog niches it is best to niche down further by finding a sub-topic within a sub-topic. Or even further to a sub-topic within a sub-topic within a sub-topic.

However, don’t niche down so far that you have limited ideas that you can blog about. It is good to find a balance between a niche that doesn’t have a lot of competition and one that has enough unique blog ideas to write about.

I show you some examples further down.  So read on!


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How to choose a blog niche

Every blog starts with an idea.  But when choosing a blog niche you need to start out with more than one idea.

You need to choose from a list of ideas because that one idea you have, even though you think it’s really good, may not be that great after all.   Usually, this is a result of limited interest in a niche or limited topics within a niche.

Finding a blog niche is a marriage between an idea you are passionate about and an idea that can make money. It is no use starting a blog if you aren’t passionate about the topic or can’t make money from your blog.

Do you have to be an expert?

The short answer is “No”. But you have to become willing to become an expert on the topic.

Generate Blog Niche Ideas

Follow these steps to come up with a blog niche list.  Once you have a list, you can pick your blog niche.

Step 1 – Write down a list of things you love

They could be a hobby you used to do, a favorite pastime, or an activity you enjoy doing in your spare time. Maybe you’re passionate about certain causes or advocacies such as helping people, animal welfare, or the consumption of organic food – they count too!

Step 2 – Assess your skills and experience

Think about the things you are good at.  Do you have acquired knowledge or skills or experience from a job or volunteer experience?

Step 3 – Create a list of ideas for your blog

Based on steps 1 and 2 write down a list of ideas for your blog niche.

Step 4 – Research your potential blog niche ideas

Use Google and a keyword research tool such as KWFinder or Keywords Everywhere, to look up each of the niche ideas from step 3.  Evaluate the level of competition and the size of the market.

Step 5 – Pick your blog niche

Based on the research you did in Step 4, pick the blog niche that you are the most passionate about and that has less competition but a good size market.

Best Blog Niches

Still stuck on creating blog niche list?  Below is a list of blog niche ideas to help you.

Travel blog niches

The travel blog niche can be divided into several different areas.  Here are some niche travel blog examples:

  • demographic geared to a certain age group, gender, or income
  • destination travel such as Hawaii or Europe or Paris or Southern USA
  • budget travel, economy travel, luxury travel
  • transportation: car, train, air, boat

Combine these to create a sub-niche.  For example, Hawaii Budget Travel For Millennials.  Or Luxury Travel In Europe For Retirees.

Mom blog niches

There are a wide array of blog niche ideas for moms.  Here are some examples:

  • lifestyle: stay at home, working mom, single mom
  • number: raising an only child, raising twins
  • gender:  raising boys, raising girls
  • parenting

Combine these to create a sub-niche.  For example, Raising Twins As A Single Mom.

Fashion blog niches

There are a lot of fashion blog niche ideas.  Here are a few:

  • price: budget, luxury
  • clothes type: dresses, tops, slacks,
  • type: casual, beach, formal, street

Combine these to create a sub-niche.  For example, Budget Beachwear or Casual Dressing For The Office.

Health blog niches

The health blog niche covers a lot of niches.  Here are a few:

  • nutrition: vegan, vegetarian, paleo
  • weight: losing weight, gaining weight, maintain weight
  • sports: running, walking, hiking, gym

Combine these to create a sub-niche.  For example, The Vegan Runner or Losing Weight on a Paleo Diet.

Blog niches that make money

A couple of questions that beginning bloggers ask are “Do bloggers make money?” and “How do beginner blogs make money?”

In this section, I will discuss how bloggers make money.

If you followed the steps in the previous section, you should have a blog niche picked out or at least a list of potential blog niche ideas.

The truth is what you can blog about to make money is unlimited.  Almost every topic has product and services associated with them.

You don’t have to sell the products or provide the services but you can earn money from your blog by promoting them.  Or you can get paid from sources that have nothing to do with your blog niche.

Niche Specific Ways To Make Money

In most cases, your blog niche has related product and services.  Here is a list of ways to make money from your niche:

  • sign up for an ad network that specializes in your niche.
  • promote affiliate products in your niche
  • write an eBook or course on your niche
  • promote other sites in your blog niche or related niche
  • write sponsored posts
  • write review posts

Non-niche Specific Ways to Make Money

To find even more ways to earn money from your blog, read my article, 28 Most Effective Ways to Monetize a Blog for Profit.

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