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Write Reviews For Money

Getting paid to write reviews is just one of the many ways you can make money from your blog.  Writing reviews for money is a type of sponsored post.

In these types of blog posts, you specifically write reviews for money about products you’ve personally tried out instead of only for free products from companies.

In this article, you will learn how to get paid to test products and what legitimate sites pay for product reviews.  Also, I will show you how easy it is to create a review site in WordPress so that you can get paid to review all types of products.

Want to make more money from your blog? Get paid to review products on your blog and become a product tester. | #wordpress #webdesign #blogging #business #entrepreneur

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Get Paid To Test Products

Initially, when brands first starting sponsoring review blog posts, they would send out products to test as the only compensation for writing the post.

The problem with this model was that bloggers need to get paid to test products in order to make a living and continue blogging.  So these large companies started paying bloggers to review their products in addition to sending them free products.

In order to become a product tester, you need to make sure that you are providing good content on your blog.  Brands don’t want to pay for spammy sites that could put their product in a bad light or penalize them on the search engines.

This means you need to provide honest reviews in your blog posts.  You need to provide an unbiased opinion on the products you review.  Be sure to include both pros and cons.

Your blog posts should follow the instruction of the brands which are usually provided when you accept an opportunity to review a product.

You should also have a mix of sponsored and non-sponsored content on your blog.  Providing value to your blog readers is an important way to increase your reach and thus increase your ability to attract brands who want to pay you for writing blog posts.


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Get Paid To Sites

There are hundreds of different companies that offer sponsored blog post opportunities for writing paid product reviews on your blog and social media accounts.  These blogging networks connect bloggers with brands and large companies who are looking for bloggers who want to get paid to review products.

Below is a list of twenty networks that offer these paid opportunities.  Most of them require you to apply.  Additional requirements may include having a certain number of posts or followers.  However, you don’t have to have a huge following to make money getting paid to review products.

SheMedia Partner Network is a network of blogging sites specifically focused to connect bloggers with top brands.  They are a Google Certified Publish Partner which is an indication that they have passed Google’s product certification exams and have a successful track record.  You can earn money writing reviews and blogging about brands both on your website and on social media websites.

The Sway is a network of over 100,000+ influencers.  They provide education to get you started earning money.  Their goal is to match bloggers with brands.  Once you become a member you can select opportunities that match the demographics and niche of your site.

Social Network has opportunities for earning money on your blog, Instagram, and YouTube.  You are required to apply and your site will be evaluated on your content, both sponsored and non-sponsored.

Clever looks for digital storytellers who create authentic content.  In addition to having a blog, you should also be active on at least two social media platforms.

Tap Influence works mostly with lifestyle bloggers.  Once you apply you have access to top brands.   They help you create a media kit and offer education through ebooks, blog posts, and webinars.

Izea has automated influencer software that allows brands to connect with bloggers more easily.   They even have an app that makes it easy to browse and accept opportunities to get paid for product reviews and other sponsored blog opportunities.

BlogDash not only helps you get connected with brands so you can earn money, but they also help with getting more exposure by showcasing bloggers in their publications.

DiMe Media is a network of bilingual Latina bloggers and influencers.  You can get paid to test products and write reviews for the Hispanic consumer in a culturally relevant manner.

Weallgrow Latina Network brings together Latina creators and entrepreneurs to earn money from brands.  They also focus on bringing together Latinas who want to create change through their Changemaker Collective.

Network Niche has exclusive relationships with brands.  In addition to writing reviews, bloggers can earn money through social media posts and as on-site social media correspondents.

Influence Central joins expert storytellers and tastemaker influencers with brands.  They seek bloggers to review products or the latest tech gadgets.

Best Buy Blogger Network connect bloggers who are loyal to Best Buy.  They have specific guidelines for writing product reviews that include accurate product specifications, requirements, benefits, and limitations.

Tastemaker Mom focuses on mommy bloggers to offer their opinions and product reviews.

Get Reviewed offers an advertising network for bloggers.  You can earn cash writing paid blog reviews about products.

Seeding Up has international blog opportunities.  Review products on your blog, YouTube, and other social platforms.

Valued Voice has over 20 different opportunity types for making money from your blog in addition to product reviews.  They allow you to group your blog and social media platforms together to make it easier to attract brands.

Brand Backer has multiple benefits for providing reviews.  You can receive samples for review and get paid for posts.

Markerly analyzes your post history to match your blog with brands who are looking for bloggers to try out their latest products for review.

Linqia boasts the fastest payouts in just 10 days for your product review and blog posts.  They do require that you have 2,500+ social followers or monthly visitors to your blog or YouTube channel.

Millennial Blogs mostly works with bloggers born between 1978 – 1998.  Their brands want bloggers to review cool products for fun-loving audiences.

Create A Review Site In WordPress

Another way to get paid for writing reviews is to create a WordPress blog that specifically focuses on reviews.  In this case, you won’t be paid by the company to write the review directly.

Instead, you will write the review and then use your affiliate link to direct the reader to the product.  When the reader purchases the product, you will receive a commision for the sale.

There are several different plug-ins that you can use to make a review site in WordPress.  These plug-ins help you with adding reviews to individual posts on your blog.  Below are the top two we recommend.

WP Product Review Lite is a great plug-in if you are only planning on writing product reviews on your blog occasionally.  By selecting the  “Is this post a review ?” checkbox on your post, you can add review details that will show up on the post in a consistent layout.  The paid version of the review plug-in has integration directly with Amazon.

WP Review is a customizable and lightweight way to create reviews, using stars, percentage or point rating and more.   Use it in posts where you are review products.  They offer a premium review plug-in too.


Learn how to make money from your blog with our FREE guide to the 28 Best Ways to Monetize A Blog For Profit.

Download My Bonus!

How to Monetize a Blog in 28 Ways. Learn to make money from home with these blog monetization tips.

Next Steps

As you have read there are lots of opportunities to get paid for reviewing products on your blog.  With so many blogging networks and marketing companies to choose from, you are sure to find many ways to get paid for your blogging skills.

Add a review plug-in to your WordPress site to enhance these sponsored review blog posts or for earning affiliate marketing income.

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Want to make more money from your blog? Get paid to review products on your blog and become a product tester. | #wordpress #webdesign #blogging #business #entrepreneur
Want to make more money from your blog? Get paid to review products on your blog and become a product tester. | #wordpress #webdesign #blogging #business #entrepreneur
Want to make more money from your blog? Get paid to review products on your blog and become a product tester. | #wordpress #webdesign #blogging #business #entrepreneur

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