21 Best Qualities of a Good Website Design That You Should Have

Why Your Business Needs a Good Website

First impressions last. When people go to your site for the first time, it influences how they view your brand, business, or company. Naturally, you’d want them to have a good impression. And a sure-fire way to do it is having the qualities of a good website design.

You see, a website does more than establish your presence. It defines your online identity. Your website can either make or break your business. If you want to be hugely successful, it has to have the right elements.

21 Tips for Web Design . Get a good website design layout for function, beauty, and ease of use.

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So what makes a good website design?

There is no one way of answering this. A truly good website will possess many qualities. And if you belong to a certain niche, your website may need extra features.

But essentially, the hallmarks of a good website are:

  • Trustworthiness
  • and Profitability

Web design affects how people see your business. According to the study titled Trust and Mistrust of Online Health Sites, 94 percent of people didn’t trust a website due to bad design. For any business, this would mean the irreversible loss of customers.


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The Best Qualities of a Good Website Design

It takes a good looking website to earn people’s trust and effectively “convert” them into sales. In the next 5-10 minutes, you’ll learn more about the 21 good website features you should have. I divided them into four sections based on their purpose:

  1. Design elements that every website needs (a must-read for everyone)
  2. Visual qualities of a good website design
  3. Good website characteristics for practical use
  4. Good website qualities for business (for entrepreneurs)

Design Elements That Every Website Needs

No matter your niche or industry, you can’t miss the following components of a good website. Each of these elements serve a purpose. Together, they comprise the foundational layout which every website needs to have.

1. Header

The first time someone visits your site, the header is what initially draws their attention. Hook them in with an impressionable logo and a catchphrase that summarizes what your brand, business, or company is about.

The header usually includes…

  • Main navigation
  • Search box
  • and Social media icons

2. Simple navigation

The crux of any well-designed website is a visible menu. It gives online visitors a clear picture of how they can navigate your site, and where to find certain pages. It’s best to have a simple and clutter-free navigation with limited options of around 5 to 10 pages.

3. Search box

Think of it as your very own search engine – it lets people find what they need on your website. A search box is useful if you have a blog or an eCommerce store. When people are browsing for content or products, they can place a query on the search box and results will show up. Don’t forget to place it on the top-right corner where it’s easy to find.

4. About Us

The ‘About Us’ page is one of the most important qualities of a good website design. Its main function is to let people know about who you are, as well as what you have to offer. You can link to this page from your navigation bar so it’s just a click away.

5. Contact Us

Tell online visitors where to reach you! Create a ‘Contact Us’ page with your phone number or email. If you own a physical store, you can include the address in your contact information. You should link to this page from the menu and other parts of your site (i.e. sidebar, footer).

Alternatively, you can set up a Contact Form or live chat. People can use them to get in touch without leaving the website.

6. Informational Footer

You can use it as a secondary navigation to help visitors find their way around. It is found at the very bottom of your website. Like the header, it is viewable from every other page you have.

The footer may contain links to…

  • Secondary navigation
  • Contact information
  • Social media
  • Site map
  • Privacy policy
  • Terms and conditions
  • Disclosure policy

Visual Qualities of a Good Website Design

A good website features a design that is both beautiful and professional. The following characteristics are meant to attract and impress audiences at first glance. These visual cues can be just as useful in gaining people’s trust.

7. Flat Design

Websites which lack a three-dimensional look have a “flat” design. Aesthetically, it looks crisp. Functionally, it allows readers to focus on your content. A flat design is useful if you sell products or offer services as blog monetization strategies. But what I absolutely love about it is that it enables a website to load quickly.

8. White space

You can’t have too much space in your site’s layout. It’s one of the most valued qualities of a good website, which many seem to forget. Space can affect the flow and readability of your content, as well as make other elements stand out. Use it between text and page elements such as headers, images, and buttons.

9. Visible buttons

Barely-there buttons are signs of a poorly designed website. If you want people to click on them, they should be easy to spot. Buttons must also have a consistent look and feel across your site.

10. Web font

Using web fonts is among the qualities of a good website design. Web fonts are compatible with most browsers and devices. It allows the content on your website to look the same, even if it’s viewed from a laptop or a smartphone.

11. Readable text

Speaking of readability, only use font styles that are simple yet legible. You should be more concerned with delivering a clear message rather than impressing people. Avoid fancy scripts since they can be difficult to read.

For comfortable reading, use text with…

  • The right size (never too small or too big)
  • The right color (good contrast with background)

12. Personalized images

A well-designed website will have enough images. Use personalized photos that reflect your brand and the quality you are aiming for. Professional images can also help you earn the trust of your audience.

You can use images to…

  • Attract attention
  • Relay a message
  • Showcase products
  • And more!

13. Branding

Above all, a great website will have exceptional branding. Branding is what sets you apart from competition. It makes you stand out, and it encourages people to associate certain elements with your business. The best way to convey brand image is with good website design.

Below are examples of elements you can brand:

  • Logo
  • Colors
  • Images

Good Website Characteristics for Practical Use

Creating a beautiful website is important, but so is practicality. A good website features functionality and smooth performance on top of its attractive layout. So here are a couple more things you’ll need if you want to effectively monetize your website.

14. Fast load times

Nearly half of online visitors (46%) expect web pages to load in 2 seconds. Studies show that after for every additional second a website takes to load, it suffers from:

  • 11% loss of page views
  • 7% reduction in sales conversions
  • and 16% decrease in customer satisfaction

Slow loading is the sign of a poorly designed website. You can avoid this by getting a free website analysis.

15. Responsive design

A responsive website is characterized by a mobile-friendly design and compatibility with browsers. Your website should continue to display properly when viewed from a desktop, smartphone, or different browsing platforms (i.e. Chrome, Firefox, Safari).

16. Reliable

Reliability is one of the qualities of a good website design. It gives your audiences the feeling that they can trust you, and that your website is working as it should be.

Here are some tips for having a reliable website:

  • Check that it has working links
  • Ensure that your website is accessible 24/7
  • Choose the right web hosting service

17. Scalable

Adding to our list of good website characteristics is scalability. For growing businesses, it is best to have a website with adequate room for additional features. Having a scalable design from the very beginning saves more money than building a new website from scratch.

18. Secure

Visitors should feel safe when they’re on your site. You can start by securing it with SSL encryption. If your website has registration and sign-in features, people would feel more reassured if their passwords are encrypted and not displayed in text.

Other ways to improve website security include…

  • Providing security questions (when requesting to change passwords)
  • Updating your website to the latest software

Good Website Qualities for Business

Niche sites and business owners may need to pull a few tricks up their sleeves. Below are good website features to have when monetizing your website.

19. Large product images

Do you sell products? Then why not highlight them by using large images on your website! It doesn’t matter what products you sell. Large images are a great way to shift viewers’ attention towards them.

20. Card design

This website layout is increasingly popular among businesses, irrespective of the niche or industry. It uses images to deliver information in a visually appealing way. Check out these card-based web design examples for inspiration.

21. Feature Videos

Showcase your latest products, services, or aspects of your business with a feature video. Videos are a popular medium. So you might as well take advantage of this trend and place one in your home page!


How Does Your Site Do On The Website Checker? Get Your FREE Website report and find out!

Yes! Check My Website!
How Does Your Site Do On The Website Checker? Get Your FREE Website report and find out!

The Benefits of Website Design

Web design can affect people’s perception, and if they’d be willing enough to invest in what you have to offer. Whether you’re a brand, business, or a company, having the best qualities of a good website design should be a top priority.

A beautiful and functional website can help you…

  • Build a positive image of your brand
  • Attract target audiences and decrease bounce rates
  • Encourage online visitors to come back
  • and Successfully convert people into actual customers

You can hire a professional website designer to build your website. Or you can ask one to redesign an existing site.

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21 Tips for Web Design . Get a good website design layout for function, beauty, and ease of use.
21 Web Design Tips . Get a good website design layout for function, beauty, and ease of use.
21 Web Design Tips . Get a good website design layout for function, beauty, and ease of use.

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